Thursday, September 20, 2012

Las Posa - Surrealist Sculptor Gardens

Between 1949 and 1984 the surrealist sculptor, Edward James, created Los Pozas ("the pools") near Xilitla, San Luis Potosí. I love sculpture and Surrealism, so visiting this site was top on my list and I was not disappoint!

The day before I had arrived too late to see Los Poza, so I checked into Posada James Xilitla up the hill from site, a hill Nostromo loved climbing. The hotel was a nice upgrade from the hostels I would be living in for the months to come. The owners are truly sweet people, which made a big difference in deciding to stay at their posada. Below see their photos and their children, what a lovely family! When their daughter heard that I wanted to take their photograph, she changed into her ballerina outfit - too cute for words.

The Posada James Xilitla has a number of cool features, swimming pool, great mountain view, a flower laden dinning area under a grape arbor...and an off the hook shower. I looks better with natural light, but this is the only shot I have.

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