Sunday, August 29, 2021

Peru Breakout

A year and a half of COVID travel restrictions led to a serious case of cabin fever. It was time to get outta town for a while. So back to Peru, this time for a 3-day rally raid. Sadly the event was cancelled for the second time. Not to be dissuaded by a scrubbed event, I packed my bags. Rode solo, with two great riders and and the local rally club.
Close encounters with a herd of lammas.

Ripping Around Huachón District, Peru with Luke and Toby Shannon

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 New Years resolution: update my lame blog with new posts.

Since the 2012-2013 big 9 month trip through Mexico, Central and South America, Jamaica and Cuba, I have taken two smaller trips to Peru. The first in 2014 was part of a organized tour with a group of amegos that I met while on the big trip. In 2016 I returned to Peru solo.

Here is the first post, that for now will only mention the Chinese 250 cc motorcycle that I bought in 2016 and rode for 8 days in October of the same year. The bikes's name is Pony and she is a lot of fun to ride.

This photo was taken toward the end of my last riding day in the Jesus District.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Peru 2016 Solo Ride with 250cc

I bought a 250cc Cross Triton in Peru from Around the Block Motorcycle Adventures. Here is the map of the first trip on the bike.