Tuesday, June 13, 2023

South Amercia: The Heart of the Beast

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I'm preparing for the next big trip in South America. There are a few places and countries that could not be fit into previous trips. Notably a long dirt road in Brazil in the western Amazon called BR-319. I've wanted to ride this one for many, many, years. BR-319 was on my radar in 2012 when I realized it would be into the rainy season and a 400 mile mud story would be the prize. There was one country I haven't visited, Paraguay, and haven't really been to Chile except to see Torres del Paine and Mount Fitzroy (both without motorcycle.)

Here is the rough route. Make some popcorn and enjoy the posts, The riding starts in Huanuco, Peru, July 26th, give or take a few days to finalize bike mods and paperwork prep.

This is the final route from 2012-2013 trip

Around the Block Moto Adventures has a Honda XRE 300 prepped and waiting for me in Huanuco, Peru.

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