Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Montevideo drive by

I have been without a working computer since I left Itcare (a beach town south of Salvador, Brazil.) The computer was set to HIBERNATE mode, then I closed the lid before it completed the process. Closing the lid is configured to put the computer into SLEEP mode. The computer was packed away in the mototcycle for the next 8 hours or so in this state. I guess the poor thing was confused, try to figure out what I wanted it to do, SLEEP or HIBERNATE...  In the end the motherboard gave out. That is what opinions on the Internet say and Toshiba Tech Support said as well.

The good news, a new laptop will meet me in Buenos Aires. Another Toshiba , but this time its an ultrabook. It will take some time to rebuild the computer, made harder by doing it on the road with minimal Internet connections to download software. But rebuild I must. Keep watching this blog, I will start posting new stories and pictures.

I arrived in Montevideo last night, after leaving my new favorite country, Brazil. I will miss that country and even more, the people that I met. The only thing I can do is look forward to returning there and having my new friends visit the US.

I will take a quick look at Montevideo this morning, then head to Colonia, a beautiful town to the west and port for the Buenos Aires ferry boat. I am within stricking distance of Argentina! Wahooo!

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