Sunday, June 2, 2013

Southern Express

Two nights were spent in San Antonio, resting and basking in the familiarity of being back the US. Now my sights were on meeting up with old friends in Florida, some 16 hours of riding away. With no interest in setting earning an Iron Butt certification by riding over 1000 miles in one day, a plan emerged to make the 16 hour trip through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi to Florida in two days. My rear end was ever so grateful for this plan.
I hoped to see my friends Adrian & Danielle in Lafayette, LA, but just missed them as they took their boys to Disney World one day before I could reach them. In a shining example of southern hospitality I was invited to stop and take a dip in their pool. Adrian and Danielle, you guys are the best!
Around midnight I stopped for the night outside Mobile, AL, after putting in 10 hours on the road. The next day I reached Fort White, FL, where part of the Gainesville gang have a country place. Dave & Naheed have a sweet spot surrounded by pine trees and plenty of space for their band, Driver, to rehearse. Chuck flew in from San Francisco that morning, to make the “wayward sons return” complete.FILE1018-001Chuck enjoying rain and beer, of course.

Later that day we loaded into a car (four wheels and all) and headed into Gainesville. First stop was the grocery store, so I could pick up the ingredients for the Jamie Oliver pasta dish that I mamke when I am visiting one place long enough. That night we dug into into bowls of farfalle, egg, cream, bacon, Parmesan and mint until we could eat no more.

Later that night we descended upon The Palomino Pool Room for tear up the felt and do our best to drain the beer reserves. 

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