Thursday, January 29, 2009

Southern Mexico

The three amigos having lunch after crossing the border from Guatemala into Mexico. Crossing borders is an insane process in Latin America. Each time it is over you feel spent and never want to do it again. It typically takes at least two hours to clear customs on both sides and work out the permits for the motorcycles. The process was much easier with a small group.

Tom got the nickname, "the Captain" for his navigation skills. He has ridden over 250,000 accident free miles, and has used GPS devices since more than a few riders riders got out of their diapers. As we headed north he pushed us to put miles behind us and kept on schedule. His riding skills are impressive and he give me helpful tips that could keep a rider out of trouble. Tom is headed to Indiana and will return to Central America as soon as he can.

John was touring around Central America for a few months and needed to head back to Colorado. He connected with Tom via an international rider website. Tom was getting ready to ship his bike back at some expense, so it was good luck that they were both in Costa Rica and ready to travel at the same time. John is planning return to Central America in a month and then ride through South America. I am so jealous, but for now I am looking forward to getting home.

John spent a few days in Chapis with Zapatistas, touring a school, etc. His balaclava on a foggy, rainy day inspired the nickname "Subcommander Dos", which is a corruption of Zapatistas leader "Subcommander Zero." Note the striking similarities between Tom and Marcos, uncanny isn't it.

As we left San Cristobal and headed to Minatitlan we rode in and out of fog and rain all day, which was unusual for the dry season. At the end of the day we were all soaked, or at least partially, and in great need of hot showers.

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  1. Dang, I wasnt aware this blog existed. First time I have seen it! Its been 14 years! Thanks Peter and cant wait for your next ride!