Monday, February 2, 2009

Heading North Thru Mexico

I linked up with two gringo riders, John and Tom, in northern Costa Rica, just south of the Nicaraguan border, and have been riding with them since. Each day we have ridden as much as we could. We are now two days from the US/Mexico border.

I was very fortunate to ride with Tom and John. There are the practical matters like of having someone to watch your bike while you go to the bathroom, but more so they have been great fun to travel with and I have learned a lot from these riders.

By final tally we covered ~2000 miles in 8 days, which breaks down to roughly 250 miles per day. On the surface that does not appear to be impressive in terms of miles logged per day. Bare in mind that effort includes crossing the following frontiers: Costa Rica/Nicaragua, Nicaragua/Honduras, Honduras/El Salvador, El Salvador/Guatemala, and Guatemala/Mexico. The countries are shown twice and in pairs because with each border crossing you must process the paperwork to checkout of one country and complete the paperwork for the next. Also consider we were up and on the road (most days) near dawn and for safety stopped before sunset to find lodging.

Sorry for getting behind on the postings. My schedule has been insane, between riding, meetings and, yes, having fun. I may be home as early as 2/8, but weather is the great unknown.

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