Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cusco Two Degrees of Separation

I returned to the Wild Rover Hostel the day after St. Patrick's Day. One of the owners of the hostel generously agree to store my motorcycle in their entrance overnight. The night before I rode 7 hours back from Macchu Picchu, in rain, fog and 40 degree temperatures. Add wet to wind chill, it's not pretty. Wet from head to toe and shivering, I pulled up to the Wild Rover. I was on a mission to share a photo I had taken earlier that day at Macchu Picchu. I had borrowed a foam football with Guinness printed on it from the bar. Now I wanted to share the photo and have a pour of Jack Daniels to warm up.

New peak appears at Macchu Picchu on St. Patrick's Day

Thirty minutes at the bar and hostel, and that was it for me. To say I was "toast" would be a mixed metaphor. A slamming party held no attraction. A hot shower and warm bed called. At that hour my garage was closed, so my options were limited and situation dire. My request came at a very busy time for an Irish hostel, 1:00 AM on St. Patrick's Day, with a raging party going on. Many thanks to Wild Rover for rising to the occasion and helping me out.

So, back to the day after... hanging at the hostel I chatted with Conner, who I had met a few days earlier and consumed a Peruvian beer with Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. I usually am reluctant to order a cheese steak more than 50 miles from Philadelphia. Get too far from Philly and they just don't get it right. No way could Wild Rover match the bread, so I gave that ingredient a free pass in advance. That said, the meat, cheese and onions were spot on. Good fries and coleslaw too.

Here is the kicker. I talked with two young guys, Dan & Jon Littauer, that were work at the bar. When your are traveling, the most frequently asked question is, "where are you from?" In this case their answer was Boston. I replied that my daughter Megan, son-in-law Matt Belson and grandson Archer live in Cohasset, a town just south of Boston. A big big smiles, they went to high school with Matt! What are the chances of that? Too funny.

Dan and Jon Littauer at Wild Rover, Cusco, Peru

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