Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dead of the Dead Alter

November 1-8, 2008 - My personal alter

The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico is a time to visit with the departed. Food and favorite items are arranged with flowers and candles for those that have passed on to enjoy. Water is placed on the alter to quench the thirst of the dead that have travel far to be with the living.It is a very different way of communing with the dead.

In memory of Tom Ackerman, a jump drive with software provided for his amusement. An egg was laid out for my mother-in-law, Ilse. The race car is for my father, who loved stock car and Indy racing. The nuts are from the Mexican version of Halloween. Young people sign and dance in return for simple treats like these nuts. My niece and I sang "Yankee Doodle" with strips of paper napkins hanging from my eye lids and from her upper lip to earn our treat.

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  1. Peter, glad to see the trip is going well with many wonderful stories and memories. Emailed Ingrid for the link and it is great that she will be with you sooon. Bora Bora was great. We have pix at: http://www.apt10b.com. Be safe and continue to update the blog when you can. Jim Smith