Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sucre Redux

I returned to Bolivia after a three week visit to the United States to visit family. On February 24 at 6:00 AM I landed at the airport in La Paz. A motorcyclist named Alfonso had been storing my motorcycle while I was gone and he met me

Now in Sucre, Bolivia for sometime. Planning to write a project proposal that could shape the next five to twenty years of my life. Time will tell.

Sucre is the original capital of Bolivia. Much of the government is now in La Paz, while the judiciary remained here. It called the "white city" and the name accurate. Walking around Sucre many of the buildings are painted white.  Above is a church near where my friends Cecilia and her father Claus live.

This is the view of Sucre from a hill to the east of town. The umbrellas are part of a cafe attached to a hostel. There is a museum near this place with a gift shop that sells authentic handcraft made by the indigenous people of Bolivia. This view point holds a special place in my memories.

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