Friday, February 8, 2013

New York City Opera Warehouse

Left the motorcycle in La Paz, Bolivia for three weeks to travel back to the US of a visit. Woke up south of Boston at Megan and Matt's place. Got to hang out with Archer and take photos before hitting the road to New Jersey.

Megan & Matt and Archer

Next stop, the New York City Opera warehouse in North Bergen, NJ. My friend Andrew had bought stage lights and globe lights from the opera as they liquidated their storage facility. It took 4 hours to locate the items, retrieve some that were stored on racks high off the floor and load into a 24 foot truck. The warehouse had an amazing collection of props from years of opera sets. The warehouse reminded me of the last scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where the camera pulls back to reveal an enormous warehouse.

We lost an hour and a half while the dock workers (union teamsters) loaded a prop car into another truck. Oh well, it was cool watching them load the car...


  1. Hello, what happened? Did you fly home? My wife and I met you in Salta at the Easy parking lot just before you headed to Jujuy and Bolivia. Regards Andrew

  2. Hi Andrew!

    I was great talking to you and your wife in Salta. Yes, I flew home for three weeks for family matters. Now back in Bolivia one week.

    Sorry for the slow reply. I was crazed when back in the US. I have been saying I was running around like my hair was on fire, traveling up and down the east coast for three weeks. I needed to return to Bolivia to rest! I have been camped out in Sucre for a solid week. Sadly I have to pack up and hit the road soon. I have a boat to catch in Columbia on April 10th, which seems far away, but time flies when you are having fun. Heading to the Salar de Uyuni next for a quick speak at the salt, then heading north. Wish I had time to visit the zone south of the Salar, but I think I have to skip it this time around.

    All the best,
    Peter B