Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Laugh in Death’s Face

“Don't you know what you're doin'
You got a death wish”
- Suicide Blonde - INXS

Today Takahiro and I ride the famous Death Road.  At top of the Death Road….

Top of theDeath Road

A view of the route taken from the start of the road.

Bolivia - Death Road 07

A short clip Taka captured from his GoPro helmet camera.

Celebrating back in La Paz.


The next morning I flew back to New Jersey for three weeks. The night clerk woke me up at 4:10 AM, so would have time to pack and be ready for my taxi to the airport. Taka woke up and hung out with me while I packed, then walked down to the taxi to see me off. What a great guy. I hope to see him again when he finishes his round the world ride. Maybe I’ll see him in Japan. He is always welcome in my home.

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