Thursday, April 4, 2013

Musuem of Antioquia–other artwork

When visiting the Musuem of Antioquia I took in a special exhibit, the “68 70 72 Bienales De Arte Coltejer”, a show of South American modern art from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

I like this sculpture that incorporates light and sound. The clip was accidently captured sideways, but I managed to turn in post production.

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Other painting from the show -


A series of three paints struck me with its dark story. In the first painting a lavish dinner party is underway. in the top left corner a wolf or large dog is entering the frame. In the second painting the guest have been killed and are being eaten. In the third a newspaper account of the event is being read.  In my mind there is a reactionary theme going on here, “…kill and eat the rich.” Deep.




There was one piece by Diego Rivera, the man.


The museum has a small collection of primitive art.


And a few pieces of furniture…


There was a fairly large collection of religious art and a large collection of portraits. This is the only religious painting that interested me.



The Museum of Antioquia, Medellin is well worth a visit if you go to Colombia. I heard that there is a larger collection of Boltero paintings in Bogota and more sculptures in Medellin.

My favorite piece can be found near the front door. I saw this sculpture as  was leaving the museum. The piece reminds me of the passage in the Bible about turning swords into plow shears.


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