Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Broken, Damaged, Lost and Stolen

On my first trip in 2008-2009 through Central America, I lost a flash light. On the longer trip 2012-2013 trip through Central and South America, and the sojourn through Jamaica and Cuba, the list is dramatically longer. Over 35,000 miles and 9 months things break, a few things were lost, others were broken or damaged, and sadly a small number of items are presumed stolen. I can only shrug and consider the cost for the list below as part of the price of a great adventure.

I am asked frequently how well the F800GS held up. Considering the number of miles and the road conditions, I would say the durability of the motorcycle was good and its over all performance was more than satisfactory.
  • Motorcycle chain separated (mended with basic tools in the countryside of Bolivia)
  • Oil heat exchange (tagged by a rock, replaced in Buenos Aires, AR)
  • Broken tooth on front sprocket (replaced in San Paulo, BR, along with back sprocket and chain.)
  • Battery replaced (Mexico city, MX) (on home bound leg)
  • (1) flat tire, deployed a spare inner tube, flat occurred on last riding day in Mexico (on home bound leg)
The original laptop died in Brazil, perhaps due to a conflict in the configuration. I set the laptop to “hibernate” mode, but did not wait for the process to complete before closing the lid. The laptop was configured to go into “sleep” mode when the lid was closed. The theory is that the two processes running at the same time while I traveled caused the motherboard to burn out.
  • Burned out laptop motherboard (replaced with new laptop)
  • A/C power adapter plug damaged falling off couch at Horizons Unlimited Travel Meeting (replaced)
The Garmin 550 was six years old when I left home and failed in Texas. Garmin replaced the unit with a refurbished unit when I went home for a visit midway through the trip. Six years is of service is reasonable and Garmin’s program to replace the unit for $150 (USD) fair. Later I attempted to wire a Nuvi 200 directly to the battery before reviewing the voltage specification.
  • Zumo 550 G.P.S. touch screen failure (replaced under Garmin refurbished program)
  • Nuvi 200 burnt out after making the poor decision to wire directly to motorcycle battery (duh)
  • Panniers beat-up from multiple drops (hammered out)
  • Day backpack, ripped up under back wheel, Baracoa, Cuba, 1/2 dozen mangos crushed at same time.
  • Windshield cracked in multiple pieces, no traction due to strip of oil on street, temporary repair with clear packing tape
  • Custom ear buds (lost on the road to Punta la Flor, Nicaragua)
  • Panasonic ear buds (lost somewhere in Brazil)
  • Nikon P7100, left in taxi (Havana, Cuba) with fanny pack and scarf from San Blas Islands
  • Garmin Zumo 550, lost along the train line to Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Power strip, lost in guest house, Port Antonio, Jamaica
  • Camera battery charger, fell out of fanny pack, Port Antonio, Jamaica
  • Jean Paul Gautier swimming trunks, left in guest house shower, Port Antonio, Jamaica (these designer swimming trunks were bough years ago at an amazing discount.)
  • 1.75 liter fuel bottle and ~10 large bottles of water, all slipped out of bungee cords “attachment”…my design was later improved and further loss prevented.
  • Polo eyeglasses, left on tank bag during a break, near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Versace eyeglasses, left in taxi going to airport, Buenos Aires, AR
  • Ear buds at municipal beach, stolen from backpack by one of the guys I was hanging out with on the beach, Lima, Peru
  • Garmin 660, stolen from backpack stored in bus station office (Chile)

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