Sunday, September 23, 2012

72 Hours in Oaxaca Part I

My niece Kelly lived in Oaxaca for three years, fell in love with Abraham, a local actor and teacher, and made a baby named Natalia. They live in Dallas now, with deep roots in one of Mexico’s most artistic and coolest towns. I came to Oaxaca on my first trip through Mexico in 2008, so there was no question that I would stop in Oaxaca. On top, I had a pressing need to see a chiropractor, and my friend Alberto from the motorcycle club CitiBeemers identify a doctor for me.
As I entered the heart of the city I stopped to use BaseCamp, desktop mapping software, so I could figure out the physical location of the chiropractor’s office. By a great stroke of luck, I had stopped across the street from the official tourist office. Walking inside I found a nice lady who helped make an appointment with the doctor for the next day.
Next stop, the apartment cluster where Kelly & Abraham lived, I found the one of the owners and settled into a small one bed room efficiency apartment.
The flat where I was staying is near a farmers market, replete with a great smoothie stand, cheese mongers and tostada stands.
That night I walked around the cathedral and centro, sampling street food and soaking in the rich atmosphere of Oaxaca.
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2012-09-22 20.44.04
First thing in the morning I headed to Dr.Jose Luis Cid’s office. After a brief discussion I was laid out, face down on a padded table. A series of wet, hot towels were applied to my back, relaxing the muscles before the doctor made adjustments to my spine. The wet warming process was so simple and effective, I was amazed that other chiropractors don’t use this method. I rode back to the flat and sleep for a few hours.

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