Saturday, September 8, 2012

Horizons Unlimited East Coast Riders Meeting

First major stop in the trip was the Horizons Unlimited East Coast Riders Meeting at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge, in Robbinsville NC.  

Horizons Unlimited is a website and more. It was created by Grant & Susan Johnson, who traveled around the world by motorcycle over a 12 year period. They are really great folks and their website is a major resource for do it yourself adventure riders. Horizons Unlimited attracts people that are planning international motorcycle trips with community prepared information.   This is my third time attend this event. This time Grant & Susan invited me to make three presentations, which were condensed into two due to time constraints.  I saw several people from previous years and made several new friends. Expecting this meeting to be giving back to the community more than I received, I was very surprised to learn an avalanche of tips. 

Jay showing me cool places in Peru

Among the many interesting talks, a gentleman from Australia shared his 4 month trip for the “Stains”, which took incredible amounts of preparation to secure the require permits.

A wild man from Long Island (Paul?) showed up with his unique luggage set-up

Following the Horizons Unlimited Meeting I rode in the wrong direction (east) to Hendersonville, NC, for a visit with long time friends, Kevin & Karilea Rhea. They are the owners of Olympia Moto Sports, providers of technical riding apparel.  
Kevin & Karilea took one look at my set-up and insisted on lending me a Seal Bag, to replace the shopping bag I threw on top of the spare tires as I was leaving home. They saved my bacon with this item (see later photos.)

Before leaving Hendersonville we went to their warehouse.  Once again their manager, Eric, helped me out. After saying hello to him, I ask if he had time to do me a favor. He immediately replied, “What do you need scanned?” In the previous trip Eric made scans of my critical documents. This time there were more, plus credit cards. The items were scanned to PDF and stored on Google Doc (now Google Drive) in the event they are lost. I highly recommend taking the time to back-up your documents! We also made multiple copies of the motorcycle title, registration, driver’s license, passport (first page with photo and last page.) Having copies in hand can save time when crossing borders.

Next stop, Savannah, TN, for a visit with my brother Rick and sister-in-law Elaina.

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