Sunday, September 16, 2012

The South American route had to be updated when considering rain fall in the Amazon. The peak of the dry season is July and the rains are serious like a heart attack in January. I was planning to take a barge up the Amazon to Manaus, then ride ~400 miles of dirt road through the Amazon grasslands. Because I plan to arrive in the Amazon in late October, there will have been too much rain, which could easily turn the nu-maintained dirt road into 400 miles of muddy hell. Try as I might my bike has significant amounts of cargo, including spare tires, which all add to instability. With minimal off road experience, zero river crossing chops and no mud riding under my belt, it became apparent that the Amazon would have to wait for another trip. See the updated trip route "outline:, sans Amazon.  =(

Monthly averages
°F | °C

JanuaryAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 28.86 cm

FebruaryAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 28.3 cm

MarchAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 29.42 cm

AprilAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 18.53 cm

MayAvg low: 23°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 9.01 cm

JuneAvg low: 22°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 3.12 cm

JulyAvg low: 21°Avg hi: 32°Avg precip: 2.73 cm

AugustAvg low: 22°Avg hi: 33°Avg precip: 3.94 cm

SeptemberAvg low: 23°Avg hi: 33°Avg precip: 9.87 cm

OctoberAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 33°Avg precip: 15.65 cm

NovemberAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 32°Avg precip: 17.87 cm

DecemberAvg low: 24°Avg hi: 31°Avg precip: 27.72 cm


  1. Hi Peter, I'm Roberto, on of the two guys from Monterrey Mexico that you met at the gas station (the one with the BMW F800ST) .... just to wish you luck in your trip!!!...

  2. Guten Tag Peter, i have met you in NC ( Horizont unlimited )it seems
    your trip is going well so far. I am now at the mexican border, will cross it tomorrow to ride the of luck for you!

    I spoke with Ludwig from the Stahlratte he will have an cold surprise for you...

    Michael ( Hamburg Germany )