Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heading South

Reaching Cartagena, Columbia on October 15th was the first landfall in South America. Since that time I have been traveling east, leaving Colombia and entering Venezuela, continuing toward the morning sun. After several days in Caracas with my friend Cenair's and his family, we head further east, then turn south for the first time. The destination is the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls.

Cenair invited me to stay with his family in Caraacas at the Horizons Unlimited East-coast Riders Meeting, back in early September. I had no idea how wonderful the experience would be. Details to follow that will try to describe the warmth and generosity Cenair and family extended to me and a fellow rider, Dimitri. Photos and stories are coming...


  1. hey Peter I'm glad to hear that you are having such a great trip and also that you got to see Cenar!
    I enjoyed meeting him in riding with them doing the Verizon event.
    take care buddy!
    from a friend from Brazil\Nashville

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